Roughly six years ago, a few people were sitting around a fire pit out in the country around Mt. Pleasant. They talked about God, they talked about church, and before the night was over an idea had been born, “Why not start a church right here in that horse barn over there?” It could be a church for people who didn’t see themselves in a church building on Sunday morning, but they’d be open to a horse barn.


So that horse barn with stalls, dirt floors, and a cranky old wood stove became the Community Church of Mount Pleasant. Somebody built a pulpit out of logs and they put a preacher named David Snow behind that pulpit. And people came. They came in blue jeans, overalls, a suit or two, cowboy boots, tennis shoes, and sandals. Because they all felt welcome in that horse barn.
But, the day came when that church which had been born in a stable couldn’t hold all the people who kept coming. It was a wonderful but scary dilemma. They had to leave the barn, but where to go? At the last possible minute, God provided.


The Community Church of Mount Pleasant moved to the cafeteria of Mount Pleasant Elementary School. The church family was fearful that something previous and intangible would be left behind and lost when they had to leave that cozy, intimate barn and move to a big, vast sterile room full of round tables and tiny stools.  Then a miracle happened. On a Sunday morning, that big room built for noisy children eating lunch became a church. The tables and stools were folded and put aside. Where they once had been, now there were the familiar rows of folding chairs, a rousing choir, musical instruments, a praise team, and yes … the smiling preacher.  They brought everything but the dog.  The God who had been around the fire pit and in the horse barn was alive and well in that school cafeteria. Because you see, the church is not a building – it is not walls – it is wherever God is with His people. It was a valuable lesson that the people learned that morning. God had other miracles in store. The preacher kept smiling and preaching, the music kept blowing the roof off and the people kept coming, more and more of them.  Then came the stunning realization that what had seemed to be such a vast cafeteria space would soon be too small to hold all the people. They needed a home.


In 2019, that next step became a reality.  The Community Church of Mt. Pleasant moved to the middle of Mt. Pleasant, into the former Tuscarora textile mill and administration offices.  The old mill is bigger with chairs of our own, but the funny thing is, that some things never change.  The preacher continued to smile and preach, the music kept blowing the roof off, and the people kept coming.  The old mill continued to get fuller and fuller.  The young church grew from one to two services.  The worship band grew from one to three.  And, even with the onset of a global pandemic, God's people continued to gather.  Then the same realization soon set in, that what had seemed to be such a vast mill space would soon be too small to hold all the people. They needed yet another place to call home.


 We have purchased a piece of property and have begun renovating what will be our new home, called The Campus.  It is a beautiful 22-acre piece of land in the center of Mt. Pleasant.  We have always been in the business of restoration and this campus will be no different.  And, as exciting as that is, we will continue to be that same non-traditional church that began around a fire pit.  We are one body, many members, one purpose!  We are a Great Commission church fueled by God’s grace and love for each other, and a world without hope. We believe that the blessings of God follow obedience to Him. We seek to be a healthy church, tempered by a balance of truth and love. We are hungry for His word and His truth. We are aware of our brokenness and total dependence on Him! It is with great hope and peace that we believe our Heavenly Father will continue to lead us on our journey.


An Acts 2 church is strongest with transparency and teamwork.  Click the button to the left to see where we are on the journey to zero debt and full campus restoration.